7000i 5.1 Slim Atmos
Home Cinema Package

Upgrade to immersive sound

Based on the What Hi-fi Product of the Year, 7000i series speaker components are made using precision aluminium cast enclosures, in its latest version Q 7000i 5.1 Slim uses the 7060 Subwoofer, which at 150mm deep is the slimmest standalone subwoofer we have ever produced.

  • The supplied speaker table stand / wall brackets can be replaced with optional floor stands.
  • Deep bass extension and a powerful output belie its compact size.
  • Available in contemporary matte black and white finishes.

A pair of additional immersive speakers

Either 2 x Performance in-ceiling Qi 65CP or a pair of surface-mount Q 7000LRi speaker components:

Qi 65CP
Q 7000LRi

Immersive Speaker Installation Guidance


The optimal locations for the additional speakers follow the Dolby Atmos Installation Guidelines with the positioning marked as ‘6’ in the diagram.

The in-ceiling Qi 65CP should be positioned at these locations in the ceiling with their pivot tweeters pointed straight down.

The surface-mount Q 7000LRi should be positioned below these locations at around 1 metre from the floor, facing in the direction of the listener but angled at 45 degrees upwards.These can be shelf mounted; wall mounted or placed on the optional Q 7000FS floor stands.



Steve May, the technology specialist with a focus on home cinema helped us in the preparation and evaluation of these systems.

He concluded that it is possible to enjoy an immersive Dolby Atmos listening experience, using the 7000i 5.1 package as a bedrock.

“Of the in-ceiling speakers, the Qi 65CP would be my recommendation installed in pairs for either a 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 theatre. There are issues with localisation, a common trait with in-ceiling speakers when used at typical room ceiling heights, but they are effective.”


“Adding two more 7000LRis, angled up and into the listening area is an enjoyable solution. It results in a compelling blend of surround and height, which does indeed feel immersive.”

“Ultimately Dolby Atmos is an experiential listening experience. Dolby Atmos on a soundbar is quite different to a dedicated 11 channel Atmos home theatre. My view is that a 7000i Home Cinema package, with additional 7000LRis, is equally legitimate. I would be confident to demo this configuration as an ‘immersive audio’ experience in store, and recommend it to consumers.”


QA7869Q 7000i 5.1 Slim Speaker Pack White. Also available in black.
QI1130QI 65CP Performance In-Ceiling (x2)
QA7825Q 7000LRi Stereo Speakers White (Pair). Also available in black.